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Is big data overhyped?

Yeah, it’s pretty common that when a new innovation comes out people create a hype that the innovation will magically solve all of their business problems. Of course, it doesn’t work that way, because it’s always the smart people (in your organization) who you will need to solve your problems. Technology is merely an enabler […]

What are some software and skills that every data scientist should know?

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Here are some skill sets I’ve found helpful outlined as a list with no real order :

1. Statistics (Theory and Applied Analytics)

This is the core of what you can offer as a data scientist. A company can always get a database developer, or software engineer. They can’t usually get a software […]

How can R and Hadoop be used together?

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The most common way to link R and Hadoop is to use HDFS (potentially managed by Hive or HBase) as the long-term store for all data, and use MapReduce jobs (potentially submitted from Hive, Pig, or Oozie) to encode, enrich, and sample data sets from HDFS into R. Data analysts […]