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Top 7 New Features of Hadoop 3 You Need to Know Today!!

Hadoop is the first released open source framework and since then it has undergone major changes in three different versions. Hadoop 3 release thousands number of new fixes, improvements, and features since the previous release of Hadoop 2.7.0.

In this article, Let’s discuss the Top 7 New features of Hadoop 3
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Top 100 Hadoop Interview Questions

1. What is Apache Hadoop?

Hadoop is an open source software framework for distributed storage and distributed processing of large data sets. Open source means it is freely available and even we can change its source code as per our requirements. Apache Hadoop makes it possible to run applications on the system with thousands of commodity […]

Why Switching Career from Java to Hadoop

If you are thinking about switching your career from Java to any other technologies, Hadoop is the best platform to have many career opportunities with high salary option. In current market Hadoop, Big Data Technologies is growing fast and having lots of Market Demands for Hadoop Developers.

Here we discuss why switching career from Java to […]

When and When not to use Hadoop – Top Reasons

Welcome everyone to this week’s Hadoop tutorial, Previously we discussed the Top Reasons to Use Hadoop, Here in this part lets study about when and when not to use Hadoop.
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When to use Hadoop:

1.Data Size and Data Diversity: 

If you want to deal with a large amount of data […]

Differences Between Apache Hadoop and Relational Database

Hadoop and RDBMS are used to store the data but have different methods for this process(Storing and Processing).

In this article, We are going to discuss the Main Differences Between Hadoop and Relational Database based on below criteria.
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Apache Hadoop
Relational Database

Hadoop is an open source and Java-based framework that used […]

Top Ten Programming Languages for Hadoop

One of the most popular questions that asked by the beginners in Hadoop is “What are the Programming Languages for Hadoop?” and “What are the Hadoop Programming Languages ?”

This article lists the top ten Hadoop programming languages which help you to choose the best language to start your Career in Hadoop.

Start Your Hadoop Career From […]

What is HCatalog in Hadoop?

What is HCatalog?

HCatalog is a table storage management tool for Hadoop. HCatalog helps to users enables different data processing tools like Hive, Pig, and MapReduce. Which use HCatalog users don’t have worry about what type of data is stored because Hcatalog is a key component of the hive. HCatalog is a UI based access to […]

Introduction to Spark SQL

Meaning of Spark SQL:

Spark SQL is programming module for working with structured data using data frame and data set abstractions. Spark SQL is the good optimization technique. In Spark SQL we can be querying the data from Spark inside that connect through JDBC and ODBC connectors to Spark SQL. Spark SQL act as a […]

Apache Hive Data Types

Hive is Data warehousing tool and used to process the data stored in hadoop and HDFS. Hive is similar to SQL because it analyze and process the data through querying language.

In this article we are discuss about basic data types for Hive query processing.
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Hive Data Types are classified […]

Apache Mahout Tutorial

What is Mahout?

Mahout is a scalable machine learning libraries that built on top of the hadoop and used to MapReduce Programming. Apache Mahout comes from association of hadoop and mahout logo is Elephant. Apache Mahout also open source framework and used to create a machine learning algorithms. It implements more machine learning algorithms such as