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Big Data Hadoop Training in Chennai

Best Hadoop Training Institute in Chennai means Credo Systemz because we provide quality Hadoop training with placement assistance to all candidates. In Most of the MNC’s Hadoop job opportunities are increasing day by day for freshers and professionals. Credo Systemz surely makes all become a best Hadoop developer because whole big data training contains 80% practical sessions and 20 % theoretical. Credo Systemz is the Best Hadoop training in Chennai ranked by YET5, Sulekha etc..

What is Hadoop?

Hadoop is an open source and Java-based framework for storing and processing any type of data. Hadoop runs applications on systems with more number of nodes and also handle a thousand terabytes of data. Hadoop allows large data sets across clusters using simple programming model.

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Complete Components of Hadoop

  • Main Components – HDFS,YARN and MapReduce
  • Data Transfer Components – Sqoop and Flume
  • Application Programming Components – Hive and Pig
  • Data Storage Components – HBase
  • Workflow Management – Oozie
  • Administration and Coordinates Components – Ambari,Hue and Zookeeper


New Features of Hadoop

  • Supports Java 8
  • Recover Your Data
  • Hadoop Shell Script Rewrite
  • Support more than two name nodes
  • Default Ports of Multiple Services have been Changed

Roles and Responsibilities of Hadoop Developer

  • Responsibilities of Hadoop developer are based on the position of the company.
  • Main responsibilities of Hadoop developer is we are expert in writing pig script, MapReduce Programming, Hive queries and implements Hadoop jobs.
  • The best Hadoop developers must know how to decode the data and transform the data secured.
  • Hadoop Developers are expert in advance technologies of Hadoop and daily update the Hadoop skills.
  • Hadoop developers should maintain the Hadoop environment.

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Technical Query You May Have

What is Big Data Analytics on Hadoop?

Big Data analytics is the process of analysing, collecting and processing the large sets of data to discover patterns. Big Data analytics used to more business organizations for identify which data are used and helps to take important business decisions. Big Data analytics working on advanced analytics techniques against very large, different types of data and different size of data like terabytes to Zettabytes..

Meaning of Hadoop Cluster

Hadoop cluster is a collection of Hadoop components and designed for storing a large amount of data in the distributed environment. This collected components through network and act as data processing source.

Hadoop clusters also are known as “Shared Nothing” means no data shared between Hadoop clusters. The shared nothing paradigm of a Hadoop cluster reduces the processing latency therefore once there's a necessity to method queries on huge amounts of information the cluster-wide latency is totally decreased.

Main Components of Hadoop Clusters are Master Node, Worker Node, and Client Nodes.

What is Spark in Hadoop?

Spark also open source framework and mainly used for data analytics. Spark runs faster than Hadoop and is designed on top of the Hadoop. Spark does not have a separate file system and it integrated with another one. The main feature of spark does not use YARN for functioning. Spark does not have own file system for processing data because programmers install spark at top of the hadoop.

Types of Big Data Tools
  • Cassandra
  • MongoDB
  • Neo4J
  • Storm
  • Hive
Main Functions of Hadoop
  • hdfsshell() function – This function helps to invoke the HDFS
  • LoadJobConf() function – This function helps to describe the MapReduce Jobs
  • MapReduce() function – It used to run the MapReduce jobs
  • native MR() function – This function helps to Lanches MapReduce jobs
  • readConf() function – This function returns name value from current Hadoop Jobconf
Meaning of Hadoop Ecosystem

Hadoop ecosystem is not a service and programming, Hadoop ecosystem is the one type of platform which used to process a large amount of Hadoop Data. Hadoop ecosystem using HDFS and MapReduce for Storing and processing a large amount of data and also used Hive for querying the data.

Main Components of Hadoop Ecosystem are,

  • Data Transfer Components (Sqoop and Flume)
  • Application Programming  Components (Hive and Pig)
  • Data Storage Component (HBase)
  • Analysis Components (Mahout)
  • Workflow Management (Oozie)
  • Administration and Coordinates Components(Ambari, Hue, and Zookeeper)


Types of Nodes in Hadoop
  • NameNode
  • Secondary NameNode
  • DataNode
  • Checkpoint Node
  • Backup Node
  • Job Tracker Node
  • Task Tracker Node
Main Use Cases of Hadoop
  • Hadoop in Healthcare Sector
  • Hadoop in Telecom Industry
  • Hadoop in Retail Sector
  • Hadoop in Financial Sector
  • Hadoop in Banking
  • Hadoop in Media
  • Hadoop in Education Sectors
Hadoop Admin vs Hadoop Developer

Main role of Hadoop admin is install the hadoop cluster and maintains the Hadoop servers. Hadoop developers are responsible for coding and develops the hadoop application programming and keeping the installed Hadoop applications.

What are the Basics Java Concepts for Learning Hadoop?
  • Array– Array is a collection of set of elements and we can store fixed set of elements in array.
  • Objects– Objects have states and behaviours of entity and it is a instance of Class.
  • Class– Class is a group of objects and it includes fields and methods.Class are Specified by “Class” Keyword.
  • Control Flow Statements– Control statements are controls the order of execution in Java program.
  • Exception Handling– Exception handling is a powerful mechanism in Java it mainly used to handle run time error in java program.
  • Serialization– Serialization used to convert object into sequence of bytes and through into streams.

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