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Who is Hadoop Developer?

Hadoop Developer role is similar to Software Developer.Responsible of hadoop developer is programming and develop the hadoop applications and all components of hadoop ecosystem.Here we discuss about main roles and responsibilities to become a hadoop Developer.

Roles and responsibilities of Hadoop Developer:

  • Responsibilities of hadoop developer are based on position of the company
  • Main responsibilities of hadoop developer is we are expert in writing pig script,MapReduce Programming,Hive queries and implement hadoop jobs
  • The best hadoop developers must know how to decode the data and transforms the data secured.
  • Hadoop Developer receive unstructured data from flume and structured data from RDBMS
  • Hadoop developer using ecosystem tools for data cleaning.. After cleaning the data hadoop developer give report using BI tools.
  • Hadoop Developers are expert in advance technologies of hadoop and daily update the hadoop skills.
  • Hadoop developers should be maintains the hadoop environment
  • Loading large amount of data from datasets.
  • Every Hadoop developers should know requirements of input and output of the hadoop transformations.
  • Developers spends more time for data cleaning based on business.
  • Create and manages the hadoop jobs
  • Hadoop developers maintains the logfiles and managing the Hbase in hadoop
  • Create and Maintains the Hive tables
  • Writing the pig latin and hive scripts for develop the applications
  • Using different HDFS format for data analysis
  • Creates the new hadoop cluster for maintains the data
  • Hadoop Developers are maintains the data at securely.
  • Debugs and clear the programming issues quickly

Skills to become a Best Hadoop Developer:

  • Having Great knowledge in all hadoop concepts like HDFS,pig,hbase,mapreduce etc…
  • Knows basic java concepts and linux for develops the hadoop applications
  • Having problem solving skills
  • Knows all scripting languages like python,pig latin etc..
  • Having knowledge in backend programming languages like node js,java,oops concepts
  • Good knowledge in querying concepts and database practices
  • Experience in handling the all hadoop tools like sqoop,flume.
  • Having knowledge in data medelling concepts and multi threading concepts
  • Having Basic knowledge in ETL tools.

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