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If you are thinking about switching your career from Java to any other technologies, Hadoop is the best platform to have many career opportunities with high salary option. In current market Hadoop, Big Data Technologies is growing fast and having lots of Market Demands for Hadoop Developers.

Here we discuss why switching career from Java to Hadoop and how easy it is for you to switch from Java to Hadoop.

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Top Reasons to Switch Your Career from Java to Hadoop:

Reason for Switch Career from Java to Hadoop

1. Easy To Learn For Java Developers

Hadoop is the Open Source and Java-based framework and that supports processing of large sets of data. Hadoop MapReduce used Java for written programming scripts so works on Hadoop Java knowledge is Imperative. Having knowledge in Java makes it a cake walk when it comes to switching over to Hadoop.

2. Helps You To Stay Ahead Of Your Competition

If you are Java Developer in this IT industry, you are seen as just person but if you are Hadoop Developer you are seen as Leader of the IT world because now Hadoop is hot technology and growing Hadoop jobs fastly in Market demands. If Java Professionals having required skills for working as a Hadoop developer they are picked by big MNC’s for High Salary Packages.

3. Scope To Move Into Bigger Domains

Your Hadoop Career does not stop with only Hadoop Developers. Hadoop industry always the best opportunity to use your Hadoop skills and expertise to move into higher levels such as Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Sensor web data. Good knowledge in Hadoop could boost your chances of getting jobs on bigger companies like IBM, Amazon, eBay, Google, and Facebook.

4. Hadoop Jobs Waiting for Java Professionals

While Hadoop opened new Hadoop job opportunities for software industry professionals working on Java technologies are making the best career shift to learn Hadoop.

Hadoop Job Trends vs Java Job Trends

According to the Dice web, that analyzing the hiring trends “Java-Hadoop” combination is the most skill in the IT industry.

5. Lucrative Packages For Hadoop Professionals

Hadoop industry have better salary package in Hadoop compare with java industry. If you switching Career from Java to Hadoop you can except high salary package than java.

Average salary package of Hadoop developers with 1 – 2 years of experience is around $140,000 per annum. As you become a best Hadoop developer or senior developer you can earn $400,000 salary package per annum.

6. Big data is used in different industries

Switching your career to Hadoop or Big Data will help you work in different industries other than IT and Software industries. Hadoop is used in various industry such as Healthcare, Telecom, Banking, E-commerce, and Media.

7. Grow With The Industry 

With IDC predicting that the Big Data and Hadoop user base (big companies and government organizations) is likely to increase at 27% per year, you have a great opportunity to upgrade your knowledge and skills and grow with the industry.

Grow with Industry

Big Data and Hadoop are widely used in applications such as IT log analytics, Fraud detection, Social media analysis, and Call centre analytics.

Hadoop Job Positions for Java Professionals: 

If Java professional will start to learn Hadoop, you are eligible to apply Hadoop jobs for following positions,

  • Data Engineer
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Big Data Tester
  • Big Data Architect
  • Business Intelligence Engineer


These are some rock-solid reasons why switching your career from Java to Hadoop and how it can help take your career to the next level. Moving from Java to Big Data Hadoop would be the best career decision you will make to excel in your career at present times.

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