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Apache Spark is widely used across Organization, 500s Fortune and starts ups are adopting Apache spark to build and scale their big data application.

Here are some specific spark use cases which denote to run as fast big data application


Financial services companies use spark to analyze the call recording, social media profiles, emails and forum discussion to understanding which can help them make the right business decision for targeted advertising, credit risk assessment, and customer segmentation.

Banking firms use analytic results to identify patterns around what is happening, and also take a necessary decision on how much to invest, where to spend money on and also identify how strong is the competition in a certain area of business.

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Apache spark helps the data deals with the real-time transaction these can be passed to streaming clustering algorithms like K- means clustering algorithm. The results can be incorporated into data from other sources like product review on forums, social media profiles etc.which make the required suggestion to the users based on the recent trends.

Companies using Apache spark at eBay

eBay is the world’s leading e-commerce giant, it uses Apache spark which given offers to targeted customers based on their previous experience and what that might need proactively and optimize the overall performance.

Apache Spark at eBay


Apache Spark is the heartbeat of many healthcare application, The health care providers use spark to analyze the patient records with past clinical data and which patient to be expected after discharged from the clinic. It helps to prevent the re-admittance and also arranged the home health care services to identify the patients and save the costs for both patients and hospitals.

Companies using Apache spark at MyFitness Pal

MyFitness Pal is the largest health and fitness community, which helps people to attain a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise. These portal use Apache spark to clean the data provided by the users to identify the high-quality food items. Using Apache spark, MytFitneesPal has been able to scan the food calories data of about 80+ million users.

Apache Spark at MyFitness Pal

Media & Entertainment

In the gaming, we use apache spark to identify patterns from the real-time game events. It helps to respond in order to cost-effective business opportunities such as auto adjustment of gaming level complexity, targeted advertising etc. Also, video sharing companies use apache spark with MongoDB to display the relevant advertisements to the customer based on the videos they share, view and browse.

Companies using Apache  Spark at Pinterest

Pinterest uses spark to come upon trends in high-value user engagement data so that it can react to developing trends in real-time by getting a complete understanding of user behavior on the website.

Apache Spark at Pinterest

Final words

Apache Spark is useful to many business industries like Pinterest, eBay etc. These companies collect TB of even data from the user and engaged in real-time interaction. To maintain the high-quality customer experience.

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