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Big Data is an open source framework and used to stores a large amount of structured, unstructured and semi-structured data. Big Data tools help to extract and analyze the data which really save the time. In the world, most of the companies used big data tools for accessing the Hadoop Data. Here we discuss Top Five big data tools.

Top Five Big Data Tools

1. Cassandra: 

Cassandra is the open source and NoSQL database to handle the data across multiple data servers without any data failure. It serves data from database to online transaction applications and business intelligence because Cassandra is the open source database. Cassandra created by Facebook and it is highly scalable and fault tolerance database. Cassandra used by most of the big companies like Facebook,eBay, Twitter, etc.. Cassandra tools occupies 300TB data over 400 Machines.

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2. MongoDB: 

MongoDB is open source and document-oriented big data tool and its created by 10gen. MongoDB used to store and analyze the data that is written in C++ languages. MongoDB Derived from humongous and it is the best database system. MongoDB runs on small RAM and it is faster than more numbers of DBMS.

3. Neo4J: 

Neo4j is the tool and graph-oriented database which is developed by Java Programming Language. Neo4j is best and popular graph database. Graph database means to analyze the data in form of graph. In Neo4j data stored in disk and table format based. Neo4j performance 1000 times faster than relational databases.

4. Storm: 

The storm is open source and real-time processing distributed system. It is very easy to use because it interacts with any programming languages. The storm is really better for real-time applications and machine learning. Now storm owned by Twitter.

5. Hive: 

Hive is the Datawarehousing tool and used to process the data in Hadoop and HDFS. Hive is similar to SQL because it analyzes and processes the data with querying language. Hive runs on MapReduce and top of the Hadoop. Hive also knew as HiveQL. Main Functions of the hive is data summarization, querying, and analysis.

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