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Top Ten Difference Between Apache Hbase and Hive

S.NO Apache Hive Apache Hbase
1 Hive is Datawarehousing tool and used to process the data in hadoop and HDFS.Hive is similar to SQL because it analyze and process the data with querying language. Apache Hbase is open source framework and it is a NoSql Database.
2 Hive runs on MapReduce and top of the Hadoop Hbase runs on top of the HDFS
3 Main Purpose of hive is analyze,querying and processing the datasets Main Purpose of hbase is read and write more number of data sets
4 In Hive Metastore,Tables,Partitions and Buckets are used to data storage. In Hbase data are stored in Column and Row wise of tables
5 Update the data is complicated in Hive Hbase is easily update the data using queries
6 Hive is not interact with queries for processing the data Hbase is mainly interact with queries language.
7 Metastore,Execution Engine and MapReduce are main components of hive. Master server,Regions,Zookepper and region server are main components of hbase.
8 Apache hive allows sql queries for data processing Sql queries are not accepted in Hbase.
9 Insert,Update and delete the table operations are not made in Apache hive. It allows the Insert and delete operations
10 Main advantages of hive is it analyze the data using SQL queries and hive also known as HQL. Main Advantage of Hbase – It stores the data as row and column wise so processing the data easily in Hbase


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