CAP Theorem in Hadoop

What is CAP Theorem?
CAP theorem is designed for distributed file systems(collection of interconnected nodes).CAP Theorem also known as Brewer’s theorem and used to distributed consistency.It contains follwing three technical terms for distributed systems.
C – Consistency
A – Availability
P – Partition Tolerance

When you read data it will give same data how many times read and server send […]

How to Install Hadoop on Ubuntu

What is Hadoop?

Hadoop is the open source and java based framework.It is used to storing lage amount amount of data and having more components to accessing the data.In Hadoop installation java is most important because hadoop is java based framework.Here we are discuss about how to install hadoop on Ubuntu operating system.

Hadoop Having following three […]

Hadoop Ecosystem Tutorial

Meaning of Hadoop Ecosystem:

Hadoop ecosystem is not a service and programming , Hadoop ecosystem is the one type of platform which used to processing a large amount of Hadoop Data.Hadoop ecosystem using HDFS and MapReduce for Storing and processing the large amount of data and also used Hive for querying the data.Hadoop Ecosystem consists of […]

How To Get Hadoop Developer Jobs

Who is Hadoop Developer?

Hadoop Developer role is similar to Software Developer.Responsible of hadoop developer is programming and develop the hadoop applications and all components of hadoop ecosystem.Here we discuss about main roles and responsibilities to become a hadoop Developer.

Roles and responsibilities of Hadoop Developer:

Responsibilities of hadoop developer are based on position of the company

MapReduce Architecture and Components

What is MapReduce in Hadoop?

MapReduce is the one of the processing tool of Hadoop and it processing large amount of data.It divides a main tasks into subtasks and it processing at parallel.Programmers are written program at MapReduce and its automattically parallelized.Mapreduce having one component called driver and it used to initializing job to mapreduce.MapReduce contains […]

Top Two Use Cases of Hadoop

In this world many companies are using Hadoop for data storage because Hadoop storing and analysing large amount of data.Main services of hadoop is stores any type of data from any source.Here we will discuss about main use cases of hadoop
Financial Service Use case of Hadoop:

Financial services are major users of hadoop.Major usecases of […]

Hadoop Cluster Architecture and Core Components

What is Hadoop Cluster?

Cluster means Many Computers are worked together as one system.Hadoop Cluster means Computer Cluster used at Hadoop.

Hadoop Cluster Mainly designed for storing large amount of unstructed data in Distributed file systems.

It referred as “Shared Nothing” Systems and shared data between nodes.

Hadoop Clusters are Arranged in racks and it […]

Scope of Hadoop


The Most Reasons to learn Hadoop is to boost your career in Information technology .Most of the people are looking forward in making their career in Hadoop .In this article we discuss about the scope of Hadoop.


Hadoop is an open source software framework that stores data and can run applications on clusters of commodity […]

Hadoop Pig Tutorial

What is Pig?
Pig is the one type of tool and it is used to analyze the large amount of data.Scripting Language of Pig is Pig Latin.Pig Performs Data Manipulations and it is similar to SQL.Pig converts all the tasks at Map and Reduce tasks and that tasks are run in Hadoop.

Components of Pig:


All Pig Scripts […]

Architecture and Components of Hadoop


Hadoop is an one type of tools designed to handle big data.
Hadoop is an open source and java based Framework maintained by global Community.
Hadoop framework are used to storage and analysis of big data.

Hadoop includes three main Components


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